Front Porch Restoration in Belmont Front Porch Restoration in Belmont Before Image 1 Split in the Existing Post. 197944352 Before Image 2 Previously Stained Overhead Wood With Paint Along the Edges and Discoloration Towards the Center Around the Lamp. 197944353 Before Image 3 Exterior Door in its Previous Green Color Prior to Sanding and Painting Blue. 197944354 Before Image 4 Tom Replacing the Old Rotted Boards. 197944355 Progress Image 1 New Primed Pine Boards Installed. 197944356 Progress Image 2 Angled Shot of the New Primed Pine Installed. 197944357 Progress Image 3 The Overhead Wood Fully Sanded and Prepared for a New Coat of Stain. 197944358 Progress Image 4 Rails and Posts Sanded and Ready to be Primed. 197944359 Progress Image 5 David in the Process of Staining the Overhead Wood. 197944360 After Image 1 Fully Finished Restoration. 197944361 After Image 2 Fully Finished Restoration. 197944362 After Image 3 Fully Finished Restoration as Seen from the Street. 197944363