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The homeowner had massive custom glass windows at his upper level unit which gave a beautiful view of the city in the Sumer, and a beautiful, warming seasonal view of snowfall in the winter. The unit however did receive long term water damage and rot. Insect damage was also found. Most sheathing and framing members were found to have damage, including some areas being reduce to wood chips and sawdust. Prior to starting work, we had to build a deck over the 1st floor unit glasshouse in order to protect it from any falling debris. The deck also served as a proper working platform where we could set up pump jacks and work from conveniently. We quickly supported the roof deck above, and began demolition and re-framing, including replacing structural members such as carrying beams. We fully insulated and boarded up the inside, and sheathed and sided the outside. All new Fixed Custom Glass and Large Custom Windows were also installed to regain his amazing view. From there, the condo association was very pleased with the work done and requested we re-side the rest of the back of the house where the siding was also in bad shape. This additional work is currently underway and nearing it's scheduled completion date in Late April. Finished pictures will be uploaded soon after.
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